FIX is dedicated to making fitness fun, accessible and hyper-socially connected through an interactive social platform centered around making the pursuit of fitness an enjoyable and engaging game.

What is FIX?

FIX is creating the next evolution in fitness, bridging the gap between exercise, gaming and social connectivity to create products that promote a healthy, active lifestyle for users of all ages and fitness levels.
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Who are we?

FIX is more than just a name, it’s an extension of the knowledge, experience and passions of the people who call it home. We are comprised of industry experts whose talents and vision infuse everything we do.
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What are we up to?

We're hard at work disrupting corporate wellness with THE OUTBREAK, which uses real-world steps and exercise activity to move players across a story-driven game board.
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A Step Ahead™ for Corporate Wellness

A Step Ahead Corporate ChallengesLiving at the intersection of health and entertainment, A Step Ahead is the ultimate corporate walking challenge. Players' real-world activity determines their progress in the virtual game world, where teams must come together in order to win.
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Recent Updates

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