UtiliFIT - Powered by FIX

UtiliFIT™ powered by FIX

UtiliFIT™ is a daily activity game designed to boost Players’ daily activity levels and give them a fun and easy path toward achieving the US Department of Health’s 150 minute per week minimum of exercise.

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You’re on the clock!

The core of UtiliFIT™ lies in the challenges. The UtiliFIT™ system outputs fun challenges to Players throughout the day based upon each individual’s profile and success at various types of exercises. Complete challenges quickly to earn Knucks and unlock supplements, spots and more advanced games.

Get active!

Looking to get more exercise? UtiliFIT™ is perfect for people both looking to introduce exercise into their daily lives, and for people who simply want to add to their already active lifestyles. Daily games feature a wide range of exercises that keep you active throughout the day, burning calories and charging up your metabolism. The system automatically sends you challenges that fit your personal fitness level and abilities, from low intensity to high intensity activities, so you’re always exercising at your own pace and level. As you level up, so does the game!

Everything is more fun with friends.

UtiliFIT™ is a socially connected experience that brings exercise, gaming and friendship into one place. Challenge friends or team up to earn bonuses, awards, unlockables, and level up your Player. Social exercise means more motivation, more accountability, and most importantly… more fun!