Ben Smith
Co-Founder, Coaching
Ben brings a unique perspective to the FIX team, having served as a coach and trainer at all levels of physical preparation and working with the full spectrum of the population. Whether it be an office worker looking to lose 20 lbs. or an athlete looking to play collegiate athletics, he has experience in helping them to achieve their goals.

Ben has had a passion for health and physical fitness since childhood. An avid student with a curious mind, Ben is continually researching the latest developments in physical preparation, nutrition and stress adaptation. He has been exposed to a broad range of populations and training methodologies, having served as a coach at the collegiate, Olympic and professional levels.

Ben began his career as a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Miami. While at Miami, he had the opportunity to work with all 17 varsity sports programs. This experience required Ben to apply his knowledge of various training methods to sports with opposing physical qualities and energy requirements.

In the Summer of 2001 Ben had the opportunity to work at the US Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. While in Lake Placid, he coached a number of Junior Olympic and Winter Sports athletes, focusing on energy system development, injury prevention and general physical preparation.

Following Lake Placid, Ben continued on at UM, working with the 2001 National Championship Football and Baseball teams. From Miami, he became a Performance Coach with Velocity Sports Performance in Roswell, GA. At Velocity, he worked with clients ranging from kids (as young as 5), “weekend warriors,” high school/collegiate athletes and NFL professionals.

Since 2009, Ben has served as a CrossFit Coach for BTB Fitness in Atlanta. At BTB, Ben has had the pleasure of helping people achieve their individual goals, whether it be losing 30 lbs., running a 5k or getting their first pull up.

When he’s not coaching, Ben enjoys balancing working out with friends, embracing his inner “foodie” and planning the next endeavor.